Project Update - Edith Abeyta

Edith Abeyta made this wonderful little catalog from her exhibition entitled, "Me, You, Us: Interpretations of Cooperation" at the El Camino College Art Gallery. It features texts about collaboration by Sesshu Foster, Apio Ludd, Sal Randolph, Charlene Roth, Judith Thissen and Pamela Wells.

The partial title of this book, Me, You, Us is the same as the title of the participatory installation of which this book serves as a component. Donated garments were deconstructed and reconfigured into backpacks displayed on shelves. Viewers/participants are invited to deposit a book into one of the backpacks. In return, they receive a copy of this book. Particularly motivated participants can further their experience/opportunity by exchanging one of the book filled backpacks for an object s/he made.

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