International Sunday Soup Network

Artists Bailout: Renegade Bounty Exchange is proud to represent Los Angeles in the Sunday Soup network, an international association of meal-based micro-granting initiatives.

Join us for an "International Day of Soup" during Creative Time's, Living As Form, exhibition in New York September 16th - October 16th, 2011. Curated by Nato Thompson.

Project Update - Edith Abeyta

Edith Abeyta made this wonderful little catalog from her exhibition entitled, "Me, You, Us: Interpretations of Cooperation" at the El Camino College Art Gallery. It features texts about collaboration by Sesshu Foster, Apio Ludd, Sal Randolph, Charlene Roth, Judith Thissen and Pamela Wells.

The partial title of this book, Me, You, Us is the same as the title of the participatory installation of which this book serves as a component. Donated garments were deconstructed and reconfigured into backpacks displayed on shelves. Viewers/participants are invited to deposit a book into one of the backpacks. In return, they receive a copy of this book. Particularly motivated participants can further their experience/opportunity by exchanging one of the book filled backpacks for an object s/he made.


Project Update - Evelyn Serrano

Here is an update from bailout recipient, Evelyn Serrano on her project Nomad Lab,

The grant we received has been put to great use this last year. We were not able to print the Dialogue Manual that we had initially wanted but we were able to cover pressing needs for several of the arts workshops that are leading up to the Community Festival on May 6th and our dialogue celebration.

- Printer cartridges to print photo tiles for Dialogue Photo Mural / Photography Lab
- Honorarium for speaker Melissa Shepard for presentation on inter-racial tolerance
- Covered the purchase of ingredients for 5 of our Cooking Lab workshops where guest chefs taught healthy recipes to youth and their families
- Covered the purchase of paint and brushes to complete a public art project in which the youth designed oversized signs with their thoughts about their homes and neighborhoods
- Covered a portion of the cost of software purchased for our Electronic Music Lab which is being used by the youth to design tracks for the neighborhood and festival, based on interviews and photos of the neighborhood.

The work created last Fall and this Spring will be shared with the community on May 6th.

Thank you again for the outstanding support for this project.