Start Your Own

Fund creative projects through community meals. We encourage others to organize their own alternative funding program. If you are interested in running a program like Artist Bailout: Renegade Bounty Exchange, the following suggestions may be helpful. We see this project as adaptable and user-friendly to all sorts of different contexts. Any of the elements may be modified to fit your particular situation. 

How to Organize a Micro-granting Program
  • Find a space for people to cook and eat soup. This could be someone’s apartment, a public building or a city park.
  • Schedule guest cooks, purchase supplies and promote the event.
  • Put out a call for proposals for your grant.
  • Send proposal descriptions to each month’s soup customers and ask that they vote for one project.
  • Establishing a consistent time and place makes it easier to build an engaged and committed community.
  • Sell the soup for a modest profit.
  • Gather contact information for each customer.
  • Distribute the grant according to the vote.
  • Document your activities and share your experiences with others.
  • Think about other ways you can collectively fundraise.
Organize a bake sale, a darts tournament, a chili cook-off, or a team trivia night. There are lots of models out there to raise small amounts of money that can augment the bounty. Think about fundraising activities that are fun, low stress, and affordable for your target audience. Be clear about where the money will go and provide ways for your community to get involved in planning events and make them as participatory as possible.   

More detailed tips on the  Sunday Soup website!